06.18.2014 – CrossFit Silverback




Ultimate Stretch

250m row
Inchworm x 10m
Hamstring Stretch x 10m
Quad Stretch x 10m
Walking Lunge x 10m
Reverse Walking Lunge x 10m
Ultimate Stretch x 10m
Punter’s Walk x 10m

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KB Swing and Clean Gauntlet (No Measure)

In ascending order 5 KB lightest to heaviest 3 swings, 2 cleans, 1 press. Two times through each arm


1: Turkish Get Up (3 – 3 – 1 – 1 -1 (each arm))

2a: Kettlebell Snatch (8-6-4-2 (each arm))

2b: Double KB Rack Lunge (4 x 10 steps each leg)

Two KB held in rack position with knuckles touching.

3: Farmer Carry

with KB for 6 min. Starting at 1:00 at the top of each minute perform 10 push ups.

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