08.19.1014 – CrossFit Silverback



Main – CrossFit All Levels


Ultimate Stretch (No Measure)

250m row
Inchworm x 10m
Hamstring Stretch x 10m
Quad Stretch x 10m
Walking Lunge x 10m
Reverse Walking Lunge x 10m
Ultimate Stretch x 10m
Punter’s Walk x 10m

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Buddy Ball (No Measure)

50 x Wall Ball
With a partner alternate between throw and catch on the wall ball. ex. Ath 1 throws hits the wall ball target ath 2 steps in and catches the ball then squats and throws, the two alternate until 50. Attempt to be in continuous movement (16lb, 10lb).


Split Jerk (WUT 85% in 10 min EMOM x 3, 6 rounds)


Metcon (Time)

400m Run
30 x Deadlift 275/185
20 x Burpee Box Jumps
400m Run

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