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Active Lifestyle

Outstanding!  In today’s society there is a sport or activity for any age and ability level.  We consider sport to be the true test of fitness.   We have trained scholarship athletes in football, swimming, tennis,  volleyball.  But after high school and college an outlet for sports can be more difficult

Bulletproof your body, CrossFit’s focus on general physical preparedness prevents common injuries suffered in recreational sport  suffered by many when less fit.   Many of our members enjoy water and snow skiing, running adventure races, sprint triathlons, tennis and golf.  Our members often report new found stamina, speed and power in their chosen sport. 

CrossFit is also the “sport of fitness”  with regular local competitions, our annual in house “Gorilla Wars”, and the “Friday Night Lights” in March during the world wide CrossFit Open or just showing up for the Saturday workout with twenty to thirty of your best friends.  It’s easy to make CrossFit Silverback your social recreation as well.  You have to respect people willing to work this hard learn to like them as you encourage each other.

If you have a particular event or activity you wish to prepare for please contact us to talk about how we can help you meet your goals.

Matt Phillips

Founder CrossFit Silverback

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