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Sport Performance

The Secret Sauce sport training has become more and more specialized and this created an unintended consequence.  Our bodies are a system of systems that require varied and constant stimulus.  Often specialized training neglects the basics of athletic movement of power generated at the core and transferred to the extremity. 

Ever met a natural athlete?  You know the person that picks up a sport after just a few tries.  Jackson, Jordan, Sanders, it’s not an accident that most of the greatest athletes were multi-sport athletes.  Their sport didn’t make them great athletes, being a great athlete allowed them to excel at the their sport.

This is why GPP (General Purpose Physical) training in the off season produces outsized results later during sport specific training.  The gains in baseline strength and efficient movement at speed with a high heart rate create a foundation that the athlete can build on while developing fine motor skills specific to their sport.

 We have trained scholarship and high school level athletes in football, swimming, tennis, volleyball and cross country.  We do modify many of our programs to help prepare specific areas of interest for a impact sport vs and endurance sport, but our core belief remains the same; developing the athlete to their true genetic potential will get them further to their sports goals.

Matt Phillips

Founder CrossFit Silverback

Girl-rilla Training Camp

For over six years our Girl-rillas  class provided women and chance to WOD without the men.  Over that time it developed its own vibe and personality.  At CrossFit Silverback we feel strongly that there is no safer or more effective fitness programming for men or women than what we do here.  We also know that not every woman is comfortable training in Olympic and Power Lifting, but could still benefit immensely using our combination of functional movement performed at high intensity.  We are extremely proud to offer Girl-rilla Training Camp.

Girl-rilla Training Camp gives you the control over your workout experience.  You can gauge your comfort level with body weight and barbell training and participate where you feel comfortable and still get the tremendous results our training has to offer.

Three days a week we will tighten , tone and lean out the new you with simple and effective body weight movements while keeping things fresh and fun as we introduce new movements and challenges.  Our one hour classes include a warm up  and  a cool down and stretching session at the end.  Included in the middle is some of the most fun and effective exercise available.

Optional Iron, barbell strength training on two days a week that will also include a challenging fat burning workout in addition to the heavy lifting that makes the body respond with those keep you young and strong hormones and reverses many of the muscle and bone degradation we see in sedentary people.

FREE Saturday Community Workout: 

All our Girl-rillas are welcome to join our Saturday community work out and see what it’s like to have more fun on a team, and show the men how it’s done.

Tighter and more toned, losing weight or a more active lifestyle with a great group of ladies  our 8:30am Girl-Rilla Training Camp will get you to your goals.  So take advantage of either option.

Girl- Rilla Training Camp: 

“Basic Training” no barbells 3 Days a week $120 a month

Girl – Rilla Training Camp:

“Heavy Weapons Training” 2 additional days a week strength training $165 a month

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