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Weight Loss & Toning

We’ve been there.  Most of us have struggled with our weight at one time or another.  I discovered how effectively CrossFit sheds pounds after gaining over fifty unwanted pounds while injured.  We know from our experience that our clients want the weight to go and stay gone. 

The idea that it’s just a simple case of calories in and calories out doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.  People who espouse this notion often find themselves riding the elliptical and “dreadmill” for longer and longer sessions. In addition they eat fewer and fewer calories.  Some people become so frustrated they try liquid diets.  Progress on programs like this can be rapid but our bodies are adaptable and results are most often short lived and unsustainable.

We train for a healthy “whole life”. At CrossFit Silverback we work with the body’s metabolic systems to get a more effective result.  We train in a very specific range of intensity and heartrate that elevates our metabolism faster, higher and longer, even well after you have gone home and hit the showers.  Even better, with our nutritional guidance we can activate your fat as fuel at a much higher rate than traditional training while still maintaining strength and muscle mass.

We educate our athletes in healthy, sustainable eating habits not diets.  We believe in real food and plenty of it.  It’s just a side benefit that most high quality food is nutrient dense.  Imagine an eating plan where you don’t have to trick or deny yourself, instead you just ENJOY FOOD!

We train for health and performance and get to reap the rewards of a new lean and strong body.  If you have a special situation or questions in general, please contact us, we are ready to help.

Matt Phillips

Founder CrossFit Silverback

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