01.31.2013 So here’s what happened on today’s WOD


01.31.2013 So here’s what happened on today’s WOD

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GIC NOTE: So here is what happened on this WOD. The workout that I had pre-programmed didn’t post, and the spreadsheet I normally send to the coaches on Sunday got run over by Bible study.  So when Dick rolled into the 5 am he had to improvise, and what an improvisation.  Dick went to one of our favorite sites, kindred spirits if you will, Outlaw CrossFit to pull the Strength and WOD.  This is a modified version of The Judge.  Why modified well after yesterday’s 90 Burpees Dick probably figured that 70 more would mean mutiny in the ranks, but he did add the 100 du’s.  As it was you all came in and “CRUSHED IT’.  Heck, even I did the the HSPU’s (2 mats).  You guys never cease to surprise and impress, GREAT JOB SILVERBACKS”

WARM UP:  Ultimate Stretch with a “Twist”  The twist turned out to be 25 x Hollow Rocks and 25 x Supermans

BUY IN:  Same

STRENGTH:  Deadlift x 10 every 2 min, 3 rounds


30 x HSPU

40 x Pull Ups

50 x KB Swing (53, 35)

60 x Sit Ups

70 x Squats

100 x Double Unders

 Cash Out: 

6 inch hold for 1 min x 2


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