KTD: Ultimate Stretch

BUY IN: Tabata Bear (from the hang clean)

STRENGTH: Deadlift 5 sets of 3 @ 90%

“JACKIE” last on 6/9/2010

For time:

Row x 1000

Thrusters x 50 (m45, f30)

Pull Up x 30

CASH OUT: Ab mat sit ups 2 min

13 Responses

    1. Dick D

      So Drew, do they have t-shirts at this box or do they sell commemorative wine glasses? And if Drew gets to go wine tasting then can I go to a micro brew and try the sampler tray?

      Just curious. I’m gonna miss my “Foofie” Beer.

  1. Tracey Barnett

    In June I had a time of 17:19, and after my one on one WOD at 8:30 am this morning, my new time for “Jackie” is 9:23. Thanks for all of the encouragement, Matt!!!

    Cashout – 63 sit-ups

    Y’all stay warm!!!!! Looking forward to playing in a lot of snow on Friday!!

  2. Dick D

    WOD: 8:51 RX (As usual the rower got in my head)

    SWOD: 295; 325; 325; 335; 335

    Situps 79 (Abmat)

    Tabata: Uhhh…yeah…let’s just go with a single digit….I honestly don’t have a freakin’ clue.

    I’m guessing that a bowl of rolled oats con slivered almonds, coffee, coffee, Lara Bar, coffee, slice of pound cake, coffee, 6 eggs whites con various veggies and absolutely positively no water the entire day makes for poor nutrition. Anybody want to chime in and chastise me?

  3. brad

    a lot of impressive effort and performances today. But Val has to win by using the men’s rx’d weight and smoking it. Nice job.

    8:18 on the wod (about a 2 minute PR, so I’ll take that)

    Dick – if that’s as “bad” as your nutrition gets, I think that’s pretty good (ok, the pound cake is out of bounds).

  4. drew

    I dont think anyone should chastise Dick. Pretty sound advise. The man just ran a 50K he can eat whatever he wants in my book.

    I wanna Vals time probably like 1:30 or something

    Anyway last monday was a PR by over 2minutes for me from 6/9 (Just looked(

    1. Dick D

      So about those commemorative wine glasses and my request to be like Drew and visit a micro brew in order to “taste” the sampler tray???

  5. Christina

    Time was 10:33 which was about 45 seconds faster than last time. But I used a weaker band and went a little heavier, overall proud of myself I guess.

    Day 1 down for the 30 day challenge, 29 more to go…