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  1. Jim

    Good work-out. Completed eight rounds with 135 lbs, so I could have manged the RX of 155. Dick, thanks for the reminders of maintaining form.

    Nice job to all who hit new PR’s on the cleans.

  2. Congrats to all that set new 1RM Cleans.

    SB Nation – I am having to withdraw from the MetroDash this coming Sat. My race time is 9:00AM. Anyone that wants to go and represent let me know. Free to a good home!

  3. Ok, i so should have my checked my ego at the door. 155 # at me up today. Should have stayed with 135 – 140. Too high a % of 1RM. Doing so cost me the intended stimulus of the workout. Lesson learned (hopefully).

    5 rds + 1 Jerk. Clean 1RM 195 (up 10#) George, Garrett, Zach thanks for the coaching. Technique was really lacking on the heavy loads. Need to practice what I preach.

    See y’all in the morning.