KTD: Med Ball Group Therapy

BUY IN: Overhead Lunge and Squat Race

STRENGTH: Back Squats 5, 4, 3, 3, 2 @ 85%


Teams of 3 each athlete does 4 sets at or near 50% for as many consecutive reps as possible.

Not for time

Starting off the morning with a little sharing.

Now the serious warm-up begins.

Then we go heavy for a few.

Then lighter for a whole bunch more.

5 Responses

  1. Buckeye76

    Nice WOD, I move 24,765 lbs. 111 squats for the WOD @ 115 lbs and 215 lbs for the strength. Leslie U was unbelievable this morning. Her reps, for the four rounds went something like this; 40 / 41 / 44 / 51!! (I think, no round was under 40) She was a machine. Nice job.

  2. Dick D

    OK, following Drew’s theme for posting:

    Body Weight: 175lbs

    SWOD: 225(5),225(4),235(3),235(3),235(3)=3670 lbs

    WOD: (135#) 31,31,30,27= 119reps * 135lbs = 16065 lbs

    Total squats for the day: 135 reps * 175 lbs = 23625

    Total weight moved = 43360 lbs

    I think I’ll go install hand rails in the bathroom now.

  3. Monster-Mac

    Wow that was brutal! Good workout over all with my bro Ethan, 225# for the buy in reps, WOD- 135# 30/30/16/17 pushed hard at the end of every set. Couldn’t sleep with a case of restless leg syndrome lol oh well it’s all worth the effort!