KTD: Med Ball Toss

BUY IN: Tabata basic

WOD: Cindy (Last seen 10.25.2010)

AMRAP in 20 min of  Pull Ups x 5, Push Ups x 10, Squats x 15

STRENGTH: Snatch Practice 5×5 (light)

Renee helps get the Girl-rillas off on the right foot this morning,

20 minutes goes faster when there is someone pushing you.

No more knee push ups for Melissa, but how about a 3 round PR.

16 Responses

  1. Monster-Mac

    Won’t make it to the box today but shouldn’t be a prob doing this WOD at home on my pull up/ dip station.

    See ya guys on Thursday

  2. Tracey Barnett

    20 Rounds!

    Of course mine were scaled, but I thought that it would be fun to have something posted the same as Garrett’s! ha! ha!

    Great job this morning in the Girl-rilla’s class! Those ladies can push you hard! It’s always a joy!

  3. Monster-Mac

    Did my CF at home today…

    Parking lot KBS 35# x 10 + farmers walk with 35# and 20# KB for 3 rounds

    WOD: same as CFSB box

    Time 20min as RX for 16 total rounds beat my PR by 3 full rounds

  4. Russell Wells

    Great workout last night. I would have done better, had I remembered to only do 5 pull-ups per set instead of 10..DOH!!! My measly 4 sets in 10 min could have been at least 6. Next time I’ll ask for a reminder.