KTD: Run and Skip

BUY IN: Renegade Manmaker Tag Team Race

STRENGTH: Push Press x 2,2,2,2,2 @ 95%

One minute Row @ >20cal pace +
One minute (electric chair)
One minute Row @ >20cal pace +
One minute FLR +
One minute Row @ >20cal pace +
One Ab-Mat Sit Up +
One minute Row @ >20cal pace +
One minute OH Hold @ 2 x 20# DB +
One minute Row @ >20cal pace +
One minute Max reps in KB Snatch

5 Responses

  1. brad

    usually not a big fan of wods that aren’t conveniently scored, but I liked this one. Diabolical yet likeable.

    Also, digging the new strength routines. A shame I’ve missed so many over the last six weeks.

  2. laura

    I liked this one too…it wasn’t long enough rowing for me to say I hate rowing 🙂 the only part that uber doober sucked was going from rowing to an electric chair…no relief at all from the burn….. other than that it was fun stuff 🙂 I got almost 16-20 cal every 1min row so I was happy with that.

  3. Russell Wells

    I enjoyed this WOD. I did just fine on the rowing, but the electric chair and sit-ups kicked my back side. This was day three for me, and I was definitely felling it. I look forward to the day when I can burn through this and still be vertical at the end….