KTD: Run and Skip

BUY IN: KB Step Up Gauntlet

STRENGTH: Back Squats 3,3,3,3,3 @ 90%


Gorilla Walk (9-4-10)

Squats 65% x 7

Run 400

3 Rounds

14 Responses

  1. David

    6:41 @145lbs. I like running WODs!

    Tim, great job on the new boxes! Gorilla staring at you to get back on the box – nice touch.

    1. Monster-Mac


      WOD 7:21 @ 165

      The run killed my knee without the brace. Shouldn’t have run but wanted to push through it and just do it. Paying for it today. Felt better this time around on this WOD but not as intense as last time. Maybe that’s due to it not being as hot as it was my first time

  2. Dick D

    What a great day to finally be off from work! Leisurely pace around the house not letting all the “to do’s” get in my head. Dropped the baby girl off at day care around 9 and strolled in to the box shortly there after. Thoroughly enjoyed my morning.

    SWOD: 245-245-245-245-245 might have been able to go 5 or 10 lbs heavier but it was close.

    WOD: 6:46 w 185 (109% of Body weight) . I just couldn’t make the legs move freely on the runs. Not sure if it was jet lag, all the coffee I’ve had in the last 5 or 6 days, mind set, KB step ups,or what. No excuses I just didn’t have my wheels rolling this morning on the run.

  3. Buckeye76

    SWOD = 225lbs x 5 rounds 3 reps / round
    WOD = 7:53 w/ 165 lbs.

    Ryan (aka rabbit) nice job executing in the time frame.

    1. Marianne

      Jim we had the same time, 7:53 on the WOD @ 120#. On 9/14 I had a time of 12:01 @75# for 4 rounds.

      Strength @ 165# It was hard, not feeling confident with the squats lately……..

  4. brad

    7:49 w 185. Apparently I took the “crawl” too literally

    Nice job, David, and all you other rabbits. Those are some fast times.

    If you are a CFJ subscriber, there is a great video from Carl Paoli (my new favorite SME). It’s supposed to be about pistols, but I was watching part 1 this weekend and it offered some interesting tips on squats that I tried to incorporate into today’s heavy stuff. Nothing dramatically different, but a couple of cues that were new to me. Maybe the GIC can check it out and give his thoughts about stance width, toe angle (actually, lack thereof) and other Paoli cues.

  5. Matt Vaughan

    6:42 w/ 155lbs. This is the first time this Alaska guy has been able to do an outdoor running WOD in February. I love running WOD’s.