KTD: Down and Back x 2 (Individual)

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15x Push Press @ 40% 1RM
3 min Row
90 sec rest
Three Rounds (Each Round add 10%, maintain reps)

3 min Rest

15x Power Clean
3 min Jump Rope +
90 sec rest
Three Rounds

3 minutes rest

20x KTE +
20x KB Swing

The Girl-rillas going for the big numbers.

KB Swings and KTE's just rubbed salt in the wound.

I think its going to take more than 90 seconds "rest".

Brad said a little jump rope prayer every time he would re-start.

3 min of jumping rope, don't judge unless you've attempted.

7 Responses

  1. jonathan

    Longer work periods and shorter rest…lovely combo. Cleans at 115# and jump rope 400+ per round, all unbroken sets. Push press at 75, 95, 95 and row 800, 785 and 775m.

  2. brad

    PP @ 75, 95, 115 and 794, 758, 746
    PC @ 115 and 328, 255 (short round), 349

    I’ve got stamina issues. Decent strength and endurance, but relatively poor stamina (which to me is the convergence of those two other physical traits. I don’t get it)

    Jonathan and Tim – crazy jump rope skills

      1. brad

        well, when you put it that way isn’t doesn’t sound too bad. Thanks

        But I was also a little disappointed in my jump numbers; took too many breaks