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  1. Joe

    ~6min is pretty salty Sam. I only wish I could have seen the look on Russell’s face when you shouted “time” and he still had 2+ sets left.

    The DU’s were certainly in the wheelhouse….situps, well not so much. 7:45 and >50% came from the situps

    Tip of the day – you can make up A LOT of time on situps (or lose A LOT).

    John – good job on the 7min Burpee’s. I konw it wasn’t the number you were shooting for, but still impressive.

    Chirs – 3.5 min of Burpee’s is no joke either. You pushed yourself very hard and should be proud. Good Job Young Silverback!

  2. I think this WOD should be officially dubbed “Samantha” . Home girl destroyed this thing.

    Garrett, you think you have what it takes to beat a teenage girl’s time? Well….do ya? I’ll probably finish my double unders sometime next week. Good luck young man.

  3. 10:35 Rx (sort of) couldn’t put more than 3 double unders back to back, I had much greater success jumping every other jump a double under. First time to do Rx on this so all in all, I’m happy. Great job to everyone that challenged themselves today. I could also have shaved at least a minute off with a draw string in my shorts. On the twenty round I didn’t want to stop to pull them up so my apologies if I was “saggin”. Garrett tore it up a few minutes later with a sub 6 effort that was a PR by over a minute, picture came out blurry sorry.