Coach’s Note:  Alright Silverbacks time to earn the title.  For the next three weeks strength is at the forefront of all we do.  We will test it, push it, grow it and then reap the rewards of hard work.  Remember, when your strong everything easier.


2 Rounds

10 x Sun gods (each way)
10 x Squats
10x PVC Pass Through
10 x PVC Back Squats
10 x PVC Egg Beaters
10 x PVC Overhead Squats


Bear Complex (45, 30)


CrossFit Total

1RM Back Squat
1RM Shoulder Press
1RM Deadlift


6 Responses

  1. Russell Wells

    PR’d everything this morning!!

    55# to 75# Shoulder Press (Still Weak)
    255# to 275# Back Squat (20# increase)
    365# to 395# Dead Lift (30# increase)

    Total was 745… 🙂

    Heck, I’ll be 50 this year, and I only weight 170#’s

  2. Gregory Green

    Back squat 195 ( #20 lbs increase)
    Shoulder Press 120 (#5 lbs increase)
    Dead lifts 345 ( #40 lbs increase)

    Total 660: It will be 2 years in April, I started out @ 142 lbs, currently @ 161. Headed toward 170 at least that the goal.

  3. silverbackmattp

    You guys came out roaring today! PR’s were dropping as fast as the weights, just a few of the ones I saw for myself. Was Erica upping her total at 620 and then Jannie jumped over the 600 line right behind her,Maria and Isabelle both added to their Deadlifts, Maria 40# and that is in addition to last weeks first ever hand stand. Across the board AWESOME JOB GIRL-RILLAS! Then Willie gets in a new gym record by cracking the 1155 and at around 181 body weight. Greg commented above and look at those gains 65# added to his CF Total and ADDED A LEAN 20 lbs to his frame while I’m overhear deducting points on a website every time I see a muffin that deserves a good eating. You guys really brought your a-game today. Also don’t forget to thank your coach’s who were pushing and advising the whole time, thank you Zach, Sonya and Johnathan.