WARM UP: And More

BUY IN:  Team Wall Ball for Time


Push Press 4×5 @ 75%


Max rounds in 8 minutes
1x Power snatch (135#/95#)
5x Box jumps (24 inch)

Cash Out:  Buddy Med Ball Sit Ups (2 min)

And now we limbo under the limbo stick.

Judi and Renee decided to play catch Silverback Style with the 20lb ball.


10 Responses

  1. Britni

    7 minutes of burpees is no joke! Although, being Garrett’s scorekeeper he made 90 look rather easy. Approximately 4 months ago I had never done a burpee before, and knocked out 78 today! Dick, how many did you get? Ha, Garrett paid me to say that! Good luck to those yet to do this WOD. It’s brutal, and I wanted to puke around the 3 minute mark, but could hear the GIC in my head yelling “weak.” Let the Gorilla Wars begin!!

    1. Oh how I love that little grasshopper. I suppose now I have to give it another shot. Since my 16 year old son almost matched Garret’s score I should put myself through the agony one more time.

      Great work Britni. Now as for you actually listening to what Garrett says…

  2. Sonya

    You are awesome Britni! I told you not to underestimate yourself! I’m going to attempt this one tomorrow. Glad to be teammates. 🙂

    1. Britni

      You got this Sonya, you’ll ROCK itl!!! I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m glad to be teammates too, thanks for the faith!! Dick, I was kidding. As Garrett scored me, he was more pumped about me beating John O. And we get 2 shots at this WOD? Actually don’t care to do this again. Dreading/anxious/nervous about the “games” WOD post tomorrow…

  3. Joe A

    90 is impressive and 78 is really damn good. I have to admit, I’m not looking forward to doing this WOD. Russell and I will be forming the “Gimp Squad” for the games. Any other lame ducks, broken down warriors or hurt heros feel free to join us

    1. Couldn’t even think about it. My brain was only putting out “STOP DAMNIT!” messages. Things are definitely not going well inside my body. Trying to figure it out.