WARM UP: Run and Hip Mobility

BUY IN:  KB Gauntlet swing x 3, clean x 2, press x 1


Tire Flip 3×5


4 rounds, 10-20-30-40x reps
KB swings (70#)

Cash Out:

Dead Hang Pull Ups 4 x Near Max

Every workout Cassie is picking up more steam.

Your never to young to push the sled, especially if your Dick's daughter.

Dana and Alice getting the day started right.

Tracey is smiling on the inside, I promise.


3 Responses

  1. Joe

    Seeing some really strong burpee numbers out of the teams!

    I got crushed by today’s WOD – 17:21 I think. I’m in my office in the fetal position waiting to regain normal body funtions. Eric, you crushed it at 10:01.

    I have nothing to offer in the way of advice for todays WOD. Perhaps DJ/Eric/Steve will offer up some sound piece of wisdom to put you into full on beast mode.

  2. Christopher Fisher

    Matt, what is the name of the company you were telling me about that is involved in oil and gas field? we talked about it one morning and one girl works there that goes to the box?

    1. Cass

      Its Hilcorp Energy Company. I’m with their pipeline sister-company, Harvest Pipeline. I’d like you/your company to bid on a project I’m working on.