KTD: Ultimate Stretch

BUY IN: Bottom to Bottom Squats

12x KB Swing @ (Heavy)+
2:00 minute Row (calories)+
2:00 minute Rest
Three Rounds
5 minute Intermission (including 3rd-2min Rest period above)
12x Goblet Squat @ (Heavy) KB +
2:00 minute Box Step Up +
2:00 minute Rest

STRENGTH: Pull Up Ladder 1-6

8 Responses

  1. laura

    45# KB swings and 33, 31, 31 cal on the row

    50# KB goblet squats and 21 on each leg all 3 times on the 20″ box step ups

    Thanks Casey for showing us the “practice your kip” band thing for pull ups…I did my pull up ladder that way…I really like doing it this way now…it makes it more challenging than just the purple band..I think this will do the trick to FINALLY get me off the dang purple band 🙂

    1. laura

      oh yea…how could I forget….then after the pullups I participated in the crazy girlie tabata sit up action….not sure why as I can’t sit up straight today 😉
      was fun! thanks Ladies 🙂

  2. Russell Wells

    45# KB swing 41,28,28 on the row… I should have paced myself better.. Hung with the veterans on the first round, no where near them on the second or third round.

    45# KB goblet squats, Box Steps 11,15,22 or 22,30,44 however you want to count it.

    21 pull ups 16 with the green band, 5 with the purple.

    I have got to learn the Crossfit Pull up technique…Dead hangs suck!!!