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  1. Buckeye76

    I like Jackie; would like heavier weight for the thrusters and less of them. Need to get off the purple band. Time was 10:14 cutting almost 2:00minutes form the previous dance with Jackie.

  2. momsnotfuling

    Ryan -we need cross fit dentistry coupons. I clipped my chin a couple of times on the pull up bar but everything’s good. Did a scaled Jackie 1K row-35 thruster(20#) and 20 pull ups. Time 9:57

  3. valerie

    11min (with 45lbs).. not my best time, but did butterfly pullups for all 30, hey ya gotta start somewhere…

  4. brad

    8:15 rx’d

    PP @ 195 2, 2 (second rep fail), 1, 1, 1f. First experience with trying multiple reps at max level. Intimidating, but I like it.

  5. Russell Wells

    Still on the newbie side of things…

    Push press @ 60lbs 5×5

    750 Row (Probably could have scaled up another 100)

    45 thrusters w 25lb bar

    30 pull ups with green band.

    Done in 11:06

    Hamstrings and hips are complaining this morning…