WARM UP: Ultimate Stretch

BUY IN:  “The Quarterdeck” (old school)

STRENGTH: Back Squat 4 x 4 @ 85%


 AMRAP 11 min

15 x KB Swing (53,35)

5 x KB Snatch each arm

5 x Push Ups

Cash Out:

2 min Sit Ups

8 Responses

  1. Sonya

    Johnathan scored 60 on 12.2, I scored 60 on 12.2. Both of us doing the RX’d weight for this WOD. Can’t get that damn one rep on the third set…..so HEAVY! Congrats to DJ and Ian for scoring 61. I don’t think one rep has been so antagonizing! For all those that are left to do this workout, GOOD LUCK! It’s a good one! 🙂

    1. Britni

      Way to go team!!!! You guys are awesome!!! Sonya, you did great at 60 reps WITH 3 minutes left, that’s pretty darn impressive!!