KTD: Ultimate Stretch

BUY IN: Row 100m  every minute on the minute x 7

STRENGTH: Back Squat 1, 1, 1 x 105% 1RM (AND DON’T STOP THERE)


OHS X 21

Pull Ups x 42

OHS x 15

Pull Ups x 30

OHS x 9

Pull Ups x 18

Jonathan used all three attempts, but got his PR!

Ryan also is now on the "Board of Bad Assness"

Dana gets the best of both worlds, a PR with perfect form.

Lindsay found out she did 195 and went right back for more plates, welcome to 200 Girl-rilla..

Marianne grabbed a big number on squats and still saved some for the WOD.

11 Responses

  1. jonathan

    I look like I am dying in that pic! Got 305 on 3rd lift…disappointing but still a PR, so not complaining too much. WOD in 8:10 Rx’d.

  2. brad

    local area competition update:

    Bayou City CrossFit CrawFish MegaFest 3 will be a Team Comp. April 23rd, start time for the first WOD will be 0800hrs.
    *2 Men and 2 Female per Team.
    *There will be a Standard and a Scaled division.
    *There will be 2 WOD’s, tie breaker if needed.
    *Price per person $35, for the Team $140.
    *After the Team Comp, there will be a CrawFish/ beer/ Burpee WOD

    CrossFit Houston’s
    2011 Girls Only Spring Challenge
    Sat, May 7th

  3. Zach

    Liked seeing “Josh” again two of my favorite movements…
    6:11 Rx’d from a 10:50 back on 11/11/10
    Back squat PR of 285

  4. Russell Wells

    Very humbling WOD.

    Not real happy with myself for the lack luster performance. I guess it was a case of the body not doing what mind thinks it can.

    I have to fix that.