WARM UP: And More

BUY IN:  Buddy Burpee Race


TGU 2×3


4 rounds
6 x Deadlift (315#/215#)
9 x Dead Hang Pull Ups
40 x Double Unders

Cash Out:

Handstand Push Ups 3 x Max

14 Responses

  1. Jim

    Dick, great job “holding it all in” this morning. You were very “graceful” under presssure. I hope all worked out.

  2. Joe

    Jim you have such a way with words.

    On a different note – what kid of weight were Silverbacks throwin around this AM? Pretty sure 315# x 6 is not in this apes playbook.

  3. Cass

    I did today’s work out at the Downtown YMCA and it took me 14 minutes…what did everyone’s times look like? I did not use 215# on the deadlifts that’s forsure!

  4. Britni

    Traded today’s WOD for 12.2. Went in thinking and prepared my team I wouldn’t put up a good number. I didn’t even think I could hit 31 and put up 56 Rx. I have overcome my fear/hatred of the snatch.

    Now time to learn toes to bar…. Agree Dick, 12.3 is gonna burn!!

    1. Sonya

      AWESOME job Britni! I’m so proud of you! I knew you could do this. 🙂 12.3 is going to feel like the longest 18 minutes ever.

  5. Granted I didn’t get to see everyone workout today, but my coach’s shout out/hat’s off goes to Melissa.

    The morning started out with her stating “I’ll just get through the 45 because I’ve never even tried 75” or words to that effect.

    Well sports fans, she cranked out multiple 75# snatches. She hit some of them so smooth that she surprised herself how easily they went up (really she was going under the bar but you get my drift). This lady has a “who lotta mo” in the tank. Great job Melissa!

    1. That last quote should be “a ho lotta mo”. As in Clubber Lang (Mr. T) from the Rocky movie when he told Balboa “come on back, I got a ho lotta mo Balboa”.

      1. Melissa Landis

        Thank you, Dick! Your coaching was awesome! As you stated..technique is essential!! I especially appreciated your downloading and bringing in the Rocky Theme song yesterday!!!!