KTD: Row and Joint Mobility

BUY IN: KB Gauntlet with push ups (1st rnd swing, 2nd snatch)

STRENGTH: Clean 5×5 work up to med/heavy

WOD: Buddy Rush 1/27/2010

In the final 300 yards of an attack Marines will split into pairs to rush the enemy.  As one is up and moving to the next peice of cover their “buddy” puts accurate fire down range to keep the enemy down and off balance switching back and forth before either becomes a target.  If either one doesn’t pull their weight then the other is left exposed.   Try to imagine those feelings, imagine that level of loyalty in performance and then hit this workout like you are in the final 300 yards.

For time:

P1: Row 500m

P2: Thrusters

P1: Row 500m

P2: Abmat Sit Ups

P1: Row 500m

P2:  KB Swing

Each round each member rows and then trades with partner for the attached movement.  Score teams total time and each athletes reps per movement.

7 Responses

  1. Laura

    Thanks Cassie for being my partner 🙂
    our team time was 15:25
    my total reps were 118
    65# thrusters and 35# KB
    31 cal each row round

  2. Jessica Ayala

    Can’t remember my partners name…but I really liked this workout…and trying to get back in the 5am grove sucks…
    Time: 16:39
    Thrusters: 45lbs. KB: 45lbs
    Total reps 115
    I can’t remember my calories.

  3. Matt Vaughan

    Loved (hated) this WOD. Partnered w/ Chris. 222 total score for me and 219 for Chris. 75lb thrusters and 53lb kettle bell.

  4. Cathy Lawdanski

    Good to be back. My allergies really had me down, but I felt so much better once I started working out today. Thanks, Carmen, for being my partner!