WARM UP: Run and Hip Mobility

BUY IN:  Zoo Relay  Bear, Crab, Monkey, Team Frog. 


Sled Push 3 x .75 Body Weight


4 rounds
Row 500m
20x Alternating KB clean & jerk (72#/53#)
30 x Ab Mat sit-ups

Cash Out:

100 x Double Unders for Time

A early morning sight prettier than any sun rise.

Ryan prepares to test the rowing powered spray-tan machine.

Less than a month in the Silverback Nation and Sandra definitely gets it.

New athlete Willie took to the tires like it was a second career.


4 Responses

  1. For those who are taking part in the competition, we need to make sure we get 12.2 in the books. get with one of the coaches and we can get you done during or right after one of the classes. Great participation the first week. Don’t let all the snatch stuff scare you off.

    12.3 is gonna be a “fun” one also.

    BTW, Vaughn destroyed 12.2 this morning! Big man lift heavy stuff, Ug!

    1. Christopher Fisher

      Dick, the competition is team based only right? or at the same time is it individual based also?

      1. You would have to ask Matt. I’m not sure exactly how he has it structured. Your team’s score is tabulated off of your individual ranking against the other athletes in your category. So, in some sense it is individual placing that matters. Now I’m confused. I need sleep. Ask me again tomorrow maybe my brain will be working by then.

  2. Joe

    There is a new King of the Jungle and his name is Vaughn! 73 reps for 12.2 was impressive.

    WOD – Good medicine. Aftertaste is what’s getting me a few hours later. It’s like burping up fish oil. You know it was good for you, but not much you can do about it after you have taken it. 4 rounds @ 70# (one arm only) circa 22min.