KTD: Med Ball Toss

BUY IN: Bear Complex (2 min) x 3 rounds

STRENGTH: Push Press x 1,1,1 @ 110% of 1RM


Front Squat/ KB Rack
Push-up +
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of each
Objective is constant movement and no broken sets
Choose the load for the FS accordingly

Today was the end of the road for Push Press and look at the progress. WELL DONE SILVERBACKS!

Kelly makes the PR board.

Kelly makes the PR board.

A torn ligament in his fore-arm is no excuse for Harry. A little extra thinking on the WOD everyday but he has not missed a beat.

10 Responses

  1. Casey

    We are having a CFSB Girl’s Night Out at Rico’s Grill (Champion Forest & Spring Cypress) Thursday night @7PM. Everyone’s welcome!

  2. brad

    a great night at the box, strong performances, good competition

    Ethan crushed it…everything – PP max, wod…

    Russell and Mikki (sp?) – great husband/wife competition down to the second. Awesome.

    Strong efforts all around

    I hit 200 lbs on the PP. Been wanting that number for a long time. 8:08 on the wod with 35 KB racked.

    A bit euphoric tonight, can you tell?

    And finally, we need some more registrations for The Games — Dick, Drew, Val, Ethan, Tim, Garrett, Casey, Jonathan, Cassie, Mac, Jeremy, Matt V, and yes Matt P…. c’mon everybody

  3. Tim M

    9:37 w/35# KB’s & the Purple band
    Pushed 165# tonight which matched my old PR (before I tore my rotator cuff).

  4. Matt Vaughan

    Brad, has anyone from Crossfit Silverback registered for the games yet? I can’t find it on the website.

  5. brad

    We have not registered a CFSB team. I’ve registered as an individual (which all who are interested need to do first). I think Zach has as well. Once we’ve all registered individually, then we could create an affiliate team