WARM UP: Push Ups and Lunges

BUY IN:  3 x 50 Relay


Push Press 4 x 4 @ 80%


5 rounds
8x Sumo deadlift high pull (115#/75#)
10x Push-press
12x Sit-ups

 Cash Out:

For Time 100 x Double Unders

How do you think Britni feels about the 3rd WOD in the Gorilla War?

Apparently a few of you decided for spring break to sleep in and come in the afternoon. Shnikees!

Isabel is always up for a challenge.


8 Responses

    1. Dick D

      Thanks for saving the day Casey. Tha was a horrible “Oh No” moment. That’ll teach me to steal the jeep.

  1. 6:03 Rx Hats off to John O and DJ who clipped me by 30 and 10 seconds respectively. I always give em a hard time when I finish faster so fair is fair. I’m most impressed because I didn’t have a single broken set, attacked the next movement every transition, I just didn’t get it done as fast as they did. WELL DONE SILVERBACKS.

  2. Britni

    I must have accidentally initialed next to the part “I give permission for hanus pictures to be posted on the web” on my release form.

    1. heinous? Nah, but every picture does tell a story. My story tonight was one of brutality, 11:45 Rx, still trying to master the double underS, (ok master might be a little strong, how about survive) The good news is I’m not covered with welts like I just had a narrow escape from the gimp. Next step stop holding my breath when I string more than 3 together (it tends to negatively impact the rest of the WOD). In all seriousness quite a few of you today jumped outside your comfort zone with the double unders and/or the weight, GREAT JOB SILVERBACKS.

      1. Britni

        Good job to the GIC!! DU took the back burner today. I was bound and determined to have a rematch with 75lbs. I’m going to break that barrier, become consistent and move up. (12.3 did some damage) As for tomorrow, going to the neighborhood park to bully kids off the rings and learn muscle ups!!!!