WARM UP: 400m + Joint Mobility (additional hip work)

BUY IN: Barbell Complex

STRENGTH: Dead Hang Pull Up x 8 (3 sets)


4x (30sec Work/30sec “Rest”) Push Press (HEAVY)

Tag Team:
P1: 25x Box Jump @ 24″ Box
P2: Plank Hold (rings)
Three Rounds
Tag Team:
P1:  15m  Flying Burpee
P2: KB Rack Hold @ 2 x 53# KB or OH Hold @ 75# BB
Three Rounds

The Girl-rillas tore up the first half of the WOD.

Dana was like a rock in the static hold, VERY SILVERBACK.

Don't worry the men held up their end of the bargain too.

6 Responses

  1. brad

    The Games’ website has been difficult to access but they finally posted the first wod.

    10 minute AMRAP of 30 dbl unders, 15 power snatches at 75#/55#.

    Val – have you registered???

  2. Tracey Barnett

    There is nothing that was missed in this WOD!!! Truly a day that EVERYTHING was covered! A lot accomplished in such a short amount of time! I had a GREAT partner today – good job, Rene’!

    It’s fun watching Jessica getting geared up for the competition. I can’t wait to go and cheer everyone on!!!!!

  3. Valerie

    lol… ok ok, I registered, WTH… it will be at least fun to see where I rank amongest other female crossfitters!!!

  4. brad

    I agree with Tracey. No muscle left unhurt. Good to partner with Danny. I used way to much weight on the first part of the wod.

    Yea Val! You’re going to crush it

  5. Jessica Ayala

    Ha thanks Tracy…I’m very nervous, but I got awesome partners too.. 🙂
    Val your going to do awesome! 🙂