WARM UP: 1,000m row / PVC Snatch Practice

BUY IN: Tabata Burpee

STRENGTH: Snatch x 3,3,3,3,3 (Med-Heavy)

WOD: Nancy
5 Rounds For Time
400m Run
Overhead Squat x 15  (95lbs)

CASH OUT: Ab – Complex (4 min total)

Spring Break 5am

Brad getting ready for Saturday's CrossFit Games Open first WOD.

Spring Break 6:30pm

8 Responses

  1. Jessica Ayala

    Where is the rain when the running wod’s come around….
    Time: 16:29 45lbs.

    Great job Casey! Pushed me through this wod..

    1. Casey

      I’m with you Jess, I was wishing for rain! Considering how little I have actually worked out lately, I wasn’t sure I was up for this. Thanks for letting me chase you Jess. Great job on your snatch also!

      Casey P. you did AWESOME today!! I am SO proud of you!!

  2. Russell Wells

    Micki and I weren’t going to return until tomorrow, but…. I do like to run, I don’t know…


  3. brad

    Nancy is a vicious couplet that has me hating both components. Between the last two days, my traps, delts, core, pretty much everything, is shot. Rest day tomorrow. Kick the Games wod on Saturday.

    18:50 rx’d

    (Val – that was an awesome time for female rx’d)

  4. Dick D

    Tabata Burpee: 5

    SWOD: 75-85-95-105-115 Form still needs mucho mucho work.

    WOD: I really didn’t want to go Rx’d today. Matt said my previous time with 75 warranted go up to Rx’d and Ethan was hitting me with the mind meld Spock thing. And then I was reminded that Brad did Rx’d so I was “forced” to go Rx’d. Damn the male ego. I walked somewhere between 25 and 50 meters on the 4th and 5th Round so I could get my heart back into my chest. Not really sure how much that cost me (maybe a sub 16 if I could have just kept on chugging along?)


    Necesito dormir!