WARM UP: Medball Toss

BUY IN: Squat x 10, Pull Up x 10,  Push Up x 10  3 Rounds

STRENGTH: Clean (work up to 1RM)

3 blocks of 4 sets Cleans @ 25-30% of 1RM
One set looks like: (10x + 10-sec rest + 10x + 10-sec rest + 8x + 10-sec rest + 6x)
Rest one minute between blocks

3×30 Back Squat @ 25-30%
Rest 1-2 minutes between sets

3-4 blocks of 4 sets Push Press @ 25-30%
One set looks like: (10x + 10-sec rest + 10x + 10-sec rest + 8x + 10-sec rest + 6x)
Rest one minute between blocks

CASH OUT: Max Sit Ups 2min.

12 Responses

  1. brad

    Cleans, cleans and more cleans. I liked it. Maxed out at 205 (again). I know I had the bar high enough on my second attempt at 215. Just didn’t have the confidence to get under it. I got to get my head straight when I’m going for a PR. Purely mental.

  2. laura

    got to 115 on the clean today…. 🙂 started way too light….think I might have gotten more had I started a little closer to that weight… next time 🙂

    wish we would have had time to finish the entire WOD today…well we could have still skipped the back squats and just done the cleans and then the push presses 🙂
    next time!

  3. Dick D

    Cleans: 175 (fairly easy) and then couldn’t even get close to 185 for some reason. It was like I forgot how to do a clean.

    Part of me says it would have been good to finish the whole WOD and part of me is really glad we didn’t.

    Practiced Double Unders for a little while after the “semiWOD”. Managed to get 5 in a row doing the single, double, single, double, single etc etc. For some reason I have about 4000 whelps on my arm from doing these. I think I will wear a sleeve of some sort (football turf burn protection type) for future attempts until I get these dialed in. 3 more days to practice.

  4. Jessica Ayala

    Got a new PR on cleans today 105lbs…freaking bar was scary. I’m with brad I could of gone heavier but I didn’t have the confidence to get under it. Thanks Val and Laura for pushing me through that. I don’t know what was up with me thinking so hard about it. Next time I will go heavier. 🙂

  5. momsnotfuling

    Congrats everyone on new PR’s. Went to 9:30 class but saw the end of Girlrillas and tried to sneak out with them. Glad(?) I stayed because I got a new PR on cleans. Just need to get my brain around dropping down under bar. Gary was a good partner and we hammered out those cleans and got it done. Thanks Matt and Gary.

  6. Valerie

    Woke up with a swollen, painful wrist… thats what not opening your hips before diving under the bar will get ya!! Squashed my wrist on 145lb…My max is 150lb…

  7. Russell Wells

    I “practiced” Cleans with a measly 75#’s (gotta start somewhere). Then I did the prescribed cleans workout with the 45# bar. Zach was a great motivator!!

    Thanks Zach!!