WARM UP: Snatch PVC Practice

BUY IN: KB Gauntlet


WOD: Helen

3 Rounds for Time

Run x 400′

KB Swings x 21 (1.5 pood)

Pull Ups x 12

CASH OUT:  Med Ball Sit-ups x 2 min

Audra grooving good form, before going heavy.

Ohhh that 5am shuffle.

Call it a "Cash Out" or insult to injury, either way the Silverbacks attacked it.

The afternoon crew, Brad, Russell and Tim putting the hurt to Helen

Graig, Val and Dick finished the day

7 Responses

  1. ryan

    Matt, save the WODs with 400s until I get back Monday, PLEASE!!!! My fear is that I return to a week full of heavy squat and deadlift WODs.

    1. Dick D

      You do realize that you just doomed yourself for the entire week. I will now do my Johnny Carson impersonation “Carnac the Magnificent”… Sore legs, back and shoulders which ache unmercilously for 6 straight days (rip open envelope, slowly pull out paper to drum roll)…What is Ryan?…

  2. Dick D

    Snatch work was a disappointment for me. Couldn’t get myself under the bar. Bummed.

    Helen: 9:18 w 53#.

    I had a Gorilla on my back the 3rd round and the Head Gorilla chasing me. Managed not to walk and almost made the entire WOD unbroken (last rd I had to break the pullups to 8 and 4). As usual this was one of those WODs where you have that little tinge of fear/anticipation/expectation (but mainly fear) in your gut right before “3,2,1 go”.

  3. Russell Wells

    Still having issues with the snatch/jerk movement. Thinking too hard on the mechanics I guess…

    I was pretty pleased with myself with Helen. I managed an 11:25 with a 45# KB. It was not a sub 10:00, but I have to start somewhere. I even improved my Pull-ups to 1 round with the purple band, and 2 with the green band.

    🙂 🙂

  4. Tim M

    Love Helen (the WOD)!
    10:05 w/55# – a coupe of seconds slower than my PR, so I’m pleased.
    Spent more time coaching than Snatching so I didn’t get to finding my 1RM. My guess would be ~100#.
    Gotta remember to stretch & I’m not talking about B4/after the WOD – need to do it at home & in your spare time. Biggest issue I saw in people yesterday, regarding the Snatch, was flexability.
    Not trying to lecture, just sayin what I saw . . .

  5. brad

    Nice job Russell! And to Dick, Matt V, Ethan, Matt P — the sub 10 group.

    10:52. PR by almost a minute. Money.