WARM UP: Run and Skip

BUY IN:  Mile Relay


Push Press 4 x 5 @ 80% 1RM


3 Rounds for Time 

20 x KB swings (80#, 53#)
15 x Push-ups
10 x KB sumo deadlift high pulls (80#,53#)
5 x Goblet Squat (80#,53#)
50m Sled Push

Cash Out:

100 x Sit Ups for time


8 Responses

  1. DJ Cleary

    This is a good one nothing like swinging the kb after pushing the sled(lung crushers). Great work Joe the bar has been set.

  2. Joe

    I hate you DJ. OK I don’t hate you, but my body does right about now. Seriously son, it’s OK to let off the the gas long enough to let the RPM’s come down below red line. For the record, we swung 70#’s becasue there were not enough 80#’s…Thank God! 10: and some change

    The reall bar was set with Vaugh and Eric!

  3. Jessica Ayala

    Awesome/horrible WOD!!! 😀 Ladies did awesome at 5am! I haven’t been up that early for a work out in awhile. See ya’ll Thur at my normal afternoon time! 🙂

  4. aggie93

    Vaughn and Eric definitely took it to another level by creating the super heavy weight division this morning.

    Vaughn says “What’s that? not enough 80# KB to go around for all of us meatheads? I’ll just use this 48Kg one sitting over here.” Dick says “What? !!” To which Eric says, “well I’ll use this 40 Kg one.” Dick sighs “Oh man!!”

    for the record the math goes like this: 2.2 * 48 Kg = 105.6 freaking pounds! and 40 * 2.2 = 88#!…

    If that ain’t solid work I don’t know what is.

  5. Didn’t do Awesome Horrible today, well sort of, caught up on 12.4 yeesh. Made it to 19 double unders, Fatigue was hilarious, single, single, fifteen, double TIME. Oh well. It’s not like I’m so broken hearted I’m gonna do it again. As to the kettlebell slaughter going on around me, VERY VERY IMPRESSIVE. And to all those new athletes starting off this week, yall’s workout may have looked simple by comparison, but as you learned simple doesn’t easy.