WARM UP: Ultimate Stretch

BUY IN:  Cleans Practice

STRENGTH:   Push Press 4×4 @ 85%


5 rounds
10 x  Burpee Box Jumps
5 x  Squat Cleans (135, 95)

Cash Out:  

That's 10 lbs under body weight clean for the WOD, VERY SILVERBACK KELLEY!

Burpee + Box Jumps = SUCK

The Gorilla In Charge getting a taste of some of the other coach's programming. Third round I felt like I had eels in my stomach.


9 Responses

  1. DJ Cleary

    I enjoyed this workout. Round one went great. Then the secound round of burpee box jumps. All I got to say is what happen to my legs after squat cleans. Thanks Garrett.

  2. Jessica Ayala

    Yea horrible/awesome WOD. Had to use a 24″ box and used 75lbs for s.c. time was 11:32…not happy but very very happy I didn’t fall or leave a piece of my skin on the box….see yall in the am. 🙂

  3. aggie93

    Felt like I was moving through thick syrup today. scaled to 125 (~10%) because I was already smoked when I got to the box.

    Super props to my baby girl Camille. She did full cleans for the WOD today. I wish I could have learned this stuff at 12! Good job Silly Willie!