WARM UP: Push Ups and Lunges

BUY IN:  Rowing Relay



3 rounds
10 KB front squats (53/35) double
400m run
Rest 2:00 minutes before each round
5:00min. Break (includes 2:00 from last round)
3 rounds
10 push press (135/95)
2:00 rower
Rest 2:00 between each round
Rest 5:00 minutes
Pull Ups 3 x 15

Cash Out: 

Audra pushed through today, VERY SILVERBACK.

FUN de MENTALS II; WELCOME ABOARD SILVERBACKS! Were you supposed to be there? Classes II and III next week.

3 Responses

  1. WOD:
    3 rds
    2 (1.5 pood) kettlebells Front Squat x 10 (~110#)
    400m Run
    2:00 Rest
    Round Breakdown: 2:13/1:56/2:00

    135# Push Press x 10
    2:00 Rowing for Cals
    2:00 Rest
    All Push Press Unbroken
    Cal Breakdown per Round: 45/42/40

    3×15 Pullups – All unbroken (untimed)

  2. Joe

    Jamison – nice to have you back again. Good work.

    I can’t recall the run exactly but think it was (Russell, help)

    Run – 2:19/2:02/1:55
    Cal – 40/39/38

    Row was way harder than I anticipated

    1. rwells01

      You’re pretty close on those numbers Joe

      Your run times were 2:19/2:07/1:55

      Mine were 2:19/2:07/2:03

      My Cal’s on the rower were 42/36/32

      My push press was slow, but unbroken with 100#’s

      My favorite saying of the day was from Mandi… (Pointing to the rower) “This one sucks”….