WARM UP: Rope and Row

BUY IN:  Bear Complex x 3 min

STRENGTH:   Push Press 4 x 3 @ 95%


Max rounds in 15 minutes
9x Deadlift (185#/135#)
12x Push-ups
15x Box jumps (24 inch)

Cash Out: 

Max Wall Ball x 2 min


7 Responses

  1. aggie93

    Great job by our new athletes this morning.

    Rhonda, Robin, Meghan, Dan, and Erica: Thank you for the excellent effort and your patience with me during the chaos that was our 5 and 6 am classes this morning. Looking forward to seeing you all progress into faster and stronger versions of “you”.

    A big Thank You to our more seasoned Silverbacks. That was a whole bunch of moving parts to keep up with, so thank you for your patience. Tremendous work by all.

  2. aggie93

    For all of the athletes out there with elbow pain (and those of you who struggle with good range of motion on front squats, shoulder presses, etc) check out http://www.mobilitywod.com and take a look at April 20, 2012. Good stuff for tight forearms and “hot” elbows.

  3. rwells01

    Great WOD this morning!!! It’s good to be back on the Deadlifts. No finger pain, and I could have gone Rx on the weight, but I took it easy with 165#’s.

    7+3 for the rounds

  4. Joe

    Dick, nice job managing so many new athletes at 5 and 6 this AM. New athletes, just keep showing up, we love seeing you and every one of us has been in your shoes. Only thing we can’t do to help, is get you to the box.

    Liked the WOD this AM now that it’s all said and done. Wasn’t so sure what to think entering the second round of box jumps when the legs strated to revolt against me. Lots of good effort seen this AM. Vaughn has been displaying a little somethin “extra” this week. The 405# BS for reps yesterday, 225???push press for reps today, not to mention the Rx PLUS WOD today that you smoked.

    7+13 Rx.

  5. Jessica Ayala

    Great WOD! Did it here at work. Went RX and used a 24″ box because that’s all we have here. Got 5 complete rounds and was 4 box jumps away from completing 6 rounds… :/

    Strength was @ 105lbs.

    See everyone tomorrow!! Hopefully I can walk. 🙂

  6. Afternoon classes crushed it. Thanks to all the coaches and athletes for keeping things running so smooth. Personally pulled an 8 and 12 at Rx. I didn’t even expect to work out today, I watched a number of athletes really upping their game and that got me moving. I had been feeling under the weather, “seasick” to be more accurate. I watched DJ coaching as I assisted, I got that itch and jumped into the 6:30 with Garrett and sure enough, it was the best workout I have had in ages, I felt light, movement was snappy (my push ups are never snappy), I felt born again hard. Some GREAT EFFORT OUT THERE SILVERBACKS, “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP” Winston Churchill.