WARM UP: Push Ups and Lunges

BUY IN:  Rowing Relay

STRENGTH: Back Squat 3 sets @ current 1RM


3 rounds, 21-15-9x reps
Overhead squat (95#/65#)
Sumo deadlift high-pull

Cash Out: 
TGU Sit Ups 2 min

Judi, 0600, whaa???????

Roger has most certainly broken the code. Way to go Silverback!!!!

Eric proving you can actually stretch your joints by force of will.

Focus proceeds effort, Anna proves this in spades!

2 Responses

  1. Joe A

    Hit the PM class and good to see soo many new Silverbacks! DJ, good job coaching the 4:30 group

    Special shout out to Jonathan for pushing me on the strength portion today. Gave me just what I need to accomplish a new PR in a couple of weeks. Thanks bro.