CASH IN:  Jump Rope Race

STRENGTH:  Snatch x 3,3,2,2,1 @ 85%

WOD: “Maxed Out” (max total reps in 20min, limit 100 on any movement)

KB Swing @ 53lb, 35lb

Box Jumps @ 24in, 16in

Push Ups

Pull Ups

Dumbell Push Press @ 30lb, 20lb

Ab-Mat Sit Ups


CASH OUT:4 x Wall Walks

Melissa still on her first full week in the Silverback Nation making short work of the 35lb Kettlebell.

Hannah snuck in the next room to execute some perfect plank push ups. WAY TO GO SILVERBACK!!!

3 Responses

  1. Buckeye76

    I’ll start; great workout I like these that keep the engine open at full throttle. 20 minutes of (almost) constant motion is a great way to start the day. Using one’s body weight, as we have for most of the week, brings one lesson – lose more body weight!

    Does anyone know the area code for New Mexico?

  2. Dick D

    460 reps. Modified to hotel gym. Lat pull downs, DB swings at~50#, 20ish bench step ups, and DB push press at 16 Kg. the rest was Rx.

    Snatch was DB at 20Kg 5×5 each arm.