WARM UP: 400m Run and More

CASH IN:  Bear Ladder

STRENGTH: TGU  3,2,1,1,1

WOD: “Jackie” This time it’s just one round and is going on the board. 

For Time: 1,000m row + Thrusters x 50 + Pull Ups x 30

CASH OUT: 2 min of flutter kicks

13 Responses

  1. Dick D

    7:45 Rx

    Thrusters took their toll on my pullups this morning. Not really sure where the chink was in the armor (my lack of nutritional discipline, sleep, etc, etc, cry, cry, cry) but definitely didn’t get the pull up rhythm like last weeks version of Jackie.

    TGU: 45, 65

    5am as usual was a picture of cooperation and patience. Great team work to get everyone through this WOD folks.

    1. Tracey Barnett

      I agree with Jonathan! So far, you’ve got the best time on the board. Great job!! Although it is still early!

  2. brad

    8:45. A full 30 secs slower than my PR, and nowhere close to the supersonic Jonathan and Dick. @$#*! Got to do something different.

    1. There is a reason a PR is a PR. All the stars are lined up. I think you mentioned being at a recent high on body weight (combined with lots of travel). However last week you crushed a previous strength centric WOD by almost 4 min. Power to weight is the line we constantly dance on.

    1. Dick D

      I’m not gonna say lack of intestinal fortitude…ooops!

      Kidding, seriously I’m kidding (Jim said it, not me). I can feel you giving me that look already, so stop.

      Jonathan, please don’t think I was rubbing it in. I didn’t mean that in a boastful manner. You have humbled me on more than one occasion and I’m sure you will do so again in the near future.

      Brad, I have to agree with the GIC. You are pretty much killing the Strength based stuff. You said you were throwing big lbs. during yesterdays cleans.

      Now, how fast will Ryan go?

  3. Todd

    8:35- substituted 800m run for row, no rower in the office gym. On my first or second thruster, I caught my chin on the way up. Looking forward to a normal schedule next week.

  4. Russell Wells

    I managed a 9:46 Rx. Not bad, but not stellar. My row was 4:04 of that. My thrusters went pretty quickly, however my pull-ups really suffered.

    1. laura

      just looked back at 2/2/11 when we did this WOD and my time was 11:40 and I used 35# and the purple band…. WOW!!! I’ll take it 🙂