WARM UP: Down and Back 

CASH IN:  Bear Ladder 1-6

STRENGTH: Pull Ups x Max (4 sets)

WOD:  Bear Complex

AMRAP 12 min


Ryan checks out the countdown while he "rests".

Mike works


Hannah "resting"

6 Responses

  1. Dick D

    Thats a whole lotta BEAR!!

    We got bear crawls, we got bear complex, we got bear growls, we got bear faces, ….

  2. Dick D

    Did the WOD from the 18th in the hotel gym:

    KTD: 5 min row

    Mainsite Warmup

    SWOD: DB shoulder presses for reps (22K ~ 45 lb DB)


    6 Sets of:

    5 Man makers (10K~22lb DB)
    250 Row
    every 2 min (had to navigate a Euro “cardio” class to get to rowers)

    5 min rest

    6 Sets of:

    8 Thruster (22K ~ 45 lb DB)
    125 m Row
    every 90 seconds

    Cash Out: 1-6 Pullup Ladder (up and down the sucker)

    Quote of the day:

    European Hotel Patron “that was on hell of the workout, No?”
    My buddy from work “Mr., we just finished the first half. This jackass is just getting started!”

  3. Matt Vaughan

    Crossfitting on the road is a challenge. Crossfitting in a small athletic center is a challenge but not impossible. There’s a limited amount of weigts, but there is a 200m track, pullup bar, and a place to do dips. While warming up a guy asked me if I was doing crossfit. He ended up joining me in the following WOD:

    Sh*t Sandwhich (From Crossfit Alaska)

    3 rounds
    15 HSPU
    20 Dips (Perscribed would be ring dips)
    25 Pullups
    Workout begins and ends with a one mile run

    Always fun to find Crossfitters while traveling.