WARM UP: 200m + Down and Back x 2

CASH IN:  See Above

STRENGTH: Clean 3, 2, 2, 1, 1 @ 90% 1RM


1x  Clean +
3x Front Squat +
1x Jerk & hold lock-out for 10 seconds + 
Row x 100m or Run x 200m
Rest one minute
10 sets

CASH OUT:  2x 1-6 Pull-up Ladder 

5:00 am, welcome to the dark side.

One clean and three squats down, a 10 sec jerk to-go.

How do you make 10 seconds feel like an hour?

5 Responses

  1. Dick D

    Great to see ya Trey. Jonathan, thanks for pushing Chris on the run the rower was a great humility tool for him as well (just like his old man). We have to keep him honest for a little while longer. Lord help us in a couple of years.

    1. Jonathan Ellisor

      Chris, u better not ever let me beat you on a run again! 🙂 Nice strong finish, dude.

  2. laura

    I liked this WOD a lot!
    for the strength I did 115 never got 3 in a row…just 2 and a lot of singles…

    for the WOD used 85# and only rowed…didn’t run 🙂

    fun stuff 🙂

    1. Russell Wells

      Good WOD today. I enjoyed this one. Thanks Matt, I think I had someone pushing me… 🙂

      If I can get my caloric intake right, I know I will see some great improvements.