WARM UP: Ultimate Stretch

CASH IN:  3 Rounds: Farmer Carry + Lunge Carry + OH Lunge 

STRENGTH: Snatch 3,2,2,1,1 @ 90% 1RM

WOD: “Jackie plus”

Row x 1,000m/500m/250m

Thrusters x 50/25/15

Pull Ups x 30 /15/ 10


12 Responses

  1. momsnotfuling

    I DID IT!!! I admit it – had a few butterflys in the tummy before the WOD. It wasn’t fast, or pretty but I finished. I used the 25# bar. The girl-rillas were a great group. My time 30:24. Just a little warm up for the “Relay for Life” 12 hr walk tonight. Hope for lots of breaks and teenagers who want to walk lots of laps. Wish me luck. Haven’t felt like saying it for a while but….. WHO’S THE MAMA!!!

    1. brad

      Good luck Linda. If you can handle this wod, then you can easily handle the walk tonight. Do us proud!

  2. Dick D

    15:25 (i think; brain was a little fuzzy at the end there) Pullups saved my bacon today. Thanks for the strategy advice GIC It paid big dividends after the first round.

  3. brad

    Dick – you’ve been putting up some particularly impressive numbers as of late. Give me some of what you’re taking.

    18:36 for me

    Well, fellow Silverbacks, you missed some fun at Basel’s. Todd, Ryan and I went for about an hour. Todd got his first MU. Ryan his first standing back tuck. Then Todd did a tuck for the first time in a while. Pretty impressive to see 240 lbs doing a standing tuck. Me, not quite ready to try. Next Friday at 4:30 anyone?

    1. Chris D.

      It’s some kind of monkey hormone, he mixed in my formula as a child, hence the ability for pull-ups.