WARM UP:  Ultimate Stretch

CASH IN:   Zoo Crawl 3 rounds

STRENGTH:  Jerk x 3,2,1,1,1 @ 90%


 Complex #1:

5x Man-Maker +
Run x 200
Every 90 sec for 9 min (i.e. 6 sets)

Complex #2:
7x Wall Balls +
Row x 30 sec
Every 90 sec for 9 min (i.e. 6 sets)

CASH OUT: 4 x 30 sec hang from bar

10 Responses

  1. Buckeye76

    This WOD was brutal. The man-makers at 30 lbs tore me up. Matt, thanks for bringing the 25 lb dumbell to me to finish the last two sets. My bravado would not allow me to get them my self. Bring this WOD out again.

  2. laura

    125# (2, 2) and 130# (all the 1s) jerks 🙂

    20# man makers 5 rounds in 9 min
    15# wall ball, I HATE running 🙂 6 rounds in 8:50
    the active shoulder hangy things…KILL my forearms and hands 🙂

    great job 930a

  3. Dick D

    Sitting here watching a crew of guys cutting pine trees out of my front yard…One thing is for certain; cleans, deadlifts and squats are used every single day of these guys lives. The guy scaling the trees probably weighs 120 lbs tops and is cleaning logs bigger than he is into the back of their truck. With good form I might add. Impressive.

  4. Matt Vaughan

    Would have loved to run this WOD with everyone today. Due to a lack of a wall ball and a joy of running, this WOD inspired what I did today. Not timed:

    4 Rounds
    5 x Man Maker (30lbs)
    1/4 mile run

    4 Rounds
    120 second plank
    1/4 mile run

    Looked like an alien in an Anytime Fitness
    Wrote myself a note to purchase a stop watch