Basket Ball

Divide class into two teams. Each team gets two medballs 14’s (men) and 10’s (women). Each team lines up single file the first athlete is 12 feet away from upside down jump box. The athlete shoots the ball at the “basket” with a wall ball style throw. Hit or miss runs to retrieve and recycle ball while next athlete is already taking their shot. Taking as many shots in 30 sec as possible. Immediately following the 30 sec the opposite team must perform 2 burpees for every basket scored by their opponent. Reset and repeat 2 more times.
Max 6 athletes per team. Could be a three way!

Buy In

The Gauntlet

Set Up 12, 16, 20 and 24
2 Rounds
At each box
3 x Box Jump
3 x Push Up


Front Squat (1×1)

Just before Murph shows up, let’s get a new PR!


5 rounds for time
5 x Clean and Jerk 135
10 x pull ups
10 x box jumps

Cash Out

Tabata Sit Ups

Sit ups following a 20 sec work 10 sec rest for 8 rounds protocol