This week we go all bodyweight, ok not all, but real close.  Time to rest up those  joints and muscles from the last 3 weeks of pounding with the big weights.  A week from now we will all be hungry for the iron again.

WARM UP: Group Therapy

BUY IN:  Jungle Relay

SKILL:  Kips and Muscle Ups

WOD:  “The Day After Murph”

Row 1000

Burpees x 30

Row 500

Burpees x 20

Row 250

Burpees x 15

CASH OUT:  Partner Med Ball Sit-Ups 4 min

6 Responses

  1. brad

    Yeah, I’m glad we’re taking it easy with this candy bodyweight stuff….(insert here one of those symbol thingies to indicate heavy sarcasm)

  2. David

    Hey guys,
    Betsy and I went to the 6:30 session and couldn’t find our car keys when we were ready to leave – anyone pick up an extra set of Honda keys? At the start of the class, I left them on the far left end of the bench. May have fallen somewhere on the ground, but didn’t see them behind the kettlebells or med balls.

    Let us know – thanks!