WARM UP:  Zoo Crawl x 2


5 x Wall Squat
10 x Squat
5 x Goblet Squat @ 35# or 25#



A1: 8x Push Press @ 50% + 2 min Tabata  Jump Rope

A2: Rest

Four Rounds

5 minute transition

A1: 8x Front Squat @ 135# + Tabata Row
P2: Rest
Four Rounds 

CASH OUT:  Pull Up Ladder 1-6 x 2

3 Responses

  1. It’s been a while since there has been a “Bear” sighting at the gym, but he was at my house this afternoon. Our hot water heater went out and Bear saved the day. For all your plumbing needs, call Bear’s Plumbing!!

    He assures me he’ll be back in the gym next week. I’m making it public to keep the pressure on.

  2. Matt Vaughan

    Crossfitting on the road with limited equipment is one thing. Not being able to workout in a group setting is even tougher. Eventually I’ll be back in civilization and able to WOD with the Silverbacks.

    WOD I did today:

    Like Cindy, but not really

    10 Rounds

    5 Chest to bar Pullups
    10 Toes to bar
    15 Pushups
    20 Squats