WARM UP: Ultimate Stretch

BUY IN: Lil Cindy

5 minutes

5 x Pull Ups

10 x Push Ups

15 x  Squat

STRENGTH;  Shoulder Press  5×5


21 x Overhead squats with 95 pounds
42 x Pull-ups
15 x Overhead squats
30 x Pull-ups
9 x Overhead squats
18 x Pull-ups


11 Responses

  1. Dick D

    For the record (unless my math is flawed), the number of squats executed this am at the “Dick WOD” was 165. If we would have gone down the ladder the total would have been 310. So basically Drew “cheated” y’all out of 145 quality repititions by lying to the teacher.

    Bad Drew! Bad, Bad Drew.

    Thank you all (5am) for your patience.

    5am Observations:

    1. There are people at this gym with some serious wheels!
    2. Drew probably spent half of elementary school in the principal’s office.

  2. Jim Stewart

    In defense of Drew, and I am not sure why I am defending him, he did state the he overstated the numbes for dramatic effect. Glad he did and you (Dick) stopped the squats at 20 ladder.

    I enjoyed the sprints and think it was needed to help stretch out the quads after Tuesay and Wednesday. Dick, you are correct, many of the 05:00 have serious wheels!

  3. Russell Wells

    I’m dreading this one, but I’ll be there. I am determined to correctly execute a OS. I may only be able to do it with an empty bar, but I will get it done.

  4. brad

    ok, reading the posted workout and reading Dick and Jim’s comments have me confused. I see no squat ladder or running

  5. brad

    to those of you (and others, for that matter) that I was talking to tonight about breathing during a heavy lift, check out the mainsite (crossfit.com) for tomorrow’s wod. a very short, good video of Burgener talking about breathing

  6. Russell Wells

    I was unable to do the OHS 🙁 Still too stiff I guess. My arms would not stay locked out. I ended up doing FS with 95#’s

    My time was 12:22

  7. RX 16:37….slow I know…but I’m proud that I did it as RX. with 4 rips in my hands :/ ouchy…showering is not so fun with ripped hands :/ I’m going to do a wod at my house today that doesn’t involve my hands….probably something like box jumps, air squats and double unders
    Have a great weekend…see you Monday