WARM UP: 5 min row or rope

BUY IN: Squat Complex

5 x Wall Squat

10 x Squat

5 x Goblet Squat

STRENGTH;  TGU x 1RM (3 attempts)


For time:

Back Squat x 100 (15xx Burpees every time athlete racks the bar)

1000 m row

CASH OUT:  Pull Up Ladder 1-6-1

Dana leas the charge on TGU.

A very "squatty" morning in the Silverback Nation".


3 Responses

  1. Dick D

    Enjoyed this although I went light. Trying to “nurse” the knee.

    10:5? at 95#’s

    did the row in 3:50 so I was happy with that since normally I don’t manage that pace during a WOD.

  2. brad

    good to be back. TGU 95#, hanging with Ethan. 9:54 @ 105, although I’m doubting my ability to count correctly

  3. Russell Wells

    Nothing earth shattering today….

    TGU 50#’s I damn near had 55#’s, but lost control of it on the down leg…

    11:10 with 90 lbs.

    Maybe I am expecting too much, but my improvements are few and far between. 🙁