WARM UP: 400 m and More

BUY IN: Bear Complex

4 min with appropriate bar Deadlift, Hang Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat , Push Press

STRENGTH:  Deadlift

5 x 5 @ 70% 


For time:

Row x 500 m + Deadlift x 21 + 12 Bar Burpees

Row x 500 m + Deadlift x 15 + 12 Bar Burpees

Row x 500 m + Deadlift x 9 + 12 Bar Burpees

CASH OUT:  Pull Up Ladder 1-6-1

Judi discovers the Bar Burpee

The part of the WOD where it's not "fun" any more.

7 Responses

  1. Jim Stewart

    Great WOD after beingout for three days. The bar burpees have nothing to do with beer! Time for the WOD was 17:46 with 155 lbs. for DL. Jonathan smoked the WOD today, great job.

  2. SWOD: 285-285-285-285-285
    WOD: 200# DL and rower set on 10

    There were alot of big big efforts today in the 5 and 6 am classes. Tough one on the ole’ piernas. A tight and sore knee does not a Bear complex make.

  3. brad

    14:36 w 195 DL. C’mon Val…give the men the news that you used more weight than them. Certainly more than me. Strong!

  4. valerie

    LOL.. Yes I did a heavy DL.. but the time was slow.. I wanted to go heavy and not worry about the clock.. some might not understand, but it makes sense in my head..

  5. Tim M

    Wow, this one was rough.
    5×5 @ 275# — felt pretty good, I need to try a 1RM again to see where I’m at.
    15:36 w/175#