Golfers Dozen

Row 250
12 x Pass Thru (dislocates)
12 x Back Squat
12 x Around the World (left)
12 x Front Squat
12 x Around the World (right)
12 x Overhead Squat
12 x Pass Thru

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The Bear Complex

Performed by the #’s with coach
5 rounds of
1 x Deadlift
1 x Hang Power Clean
1 x Front Squat
1 x Push Press
1 x Back Squat
1 x Push Press (behind the neck

Rest 1 min

Performed on your own for 3 min
more advanced athlete’s can do “Dynamic Bear”
1 x Squat Clean to a Thrusters to a Back Squat and a Thruster


Back Squat (3 x Max 15 breath rest @ 75% of 1RM)



EMOM perform until unwilling or unable to continue. 20 min cap
Even minutes
30 x Double Unders
(60 x Single Unders)
Odd minutes
3 x Deadlift (315,225) or 65 to 70%
Once you fail, take one minute off and then attempt a second set of rounds

Cash Out

2 Min Sit Ups

Max reps in 2 min