Last seen on 03.05.2012 (along with a lot of complaining about the squats)

WARM UP: Push Ups and Lunges

BUY IN:  Jump Rope Buddy Battle


Push Press 4 x 4 @ 85%


3 rounds

9x Power clean (135#/95#)
12x Front squat
15x Box jump (24/20 inch) 

Cash Out:

TGU Sit Ups

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  1. Aggie93

    Had to alter the WOD bc I don’t have a box at the house. I also altered the SWOD bc I’m trying to bias my programming towards the Endurance realm for the next few months. So here is what I ended up with for today.

    WU: check
    Buy in: (25 DU’s then 10 burpees) x 3
    SWOD: DE (Dynamic Effort) 12 x 2 @ 80 # (~50% 1 RM) starting each set on the minute. Moving the bar as fast as possible

    WOD: 9 Power cleans (135)
    12 Front Squats (135)
    15 Bar facing Burpees

    in 12:46 (Burpees and Front squats crushed me)

    Cash out: Snatch Practice.

    3 rds of

    2 snatch grip DL
    2 snatch grip hanging high pull
    2 full snatch
    6 OHS

    all at 65# (or ~ 50% 1RM)

    Y’all have a great 4th. We are outta here for a few days.

  2. Go Girl-rillas. Wow Front squats really not my friend right now. Can feel a preview of the sore I will be tomorrow. Wondering what tomorrow’s 9am will hold. Hey!, when did the 9:30 class on tuesday/thursdays start?? Would have saved me bringing in my little person with me this am, if I knew there was a 9:30 option. TTFN