As our friend the dentist would say “you might feel a slight pinch”.

WARM UP: And More

BUY IN:  Rowing Relay 3×250




3 Rounds
10 x Thrusters (115,75)
Row x 500m
Rest 2 min

(Rest 5 min after 3rd round (includes final 2min))

 3 Rounds
12 x KB Swing (70, 53)
Run x 400m
Rest 2 min

(Rest 5 min after 3rd round (includes final 2 min))

Lunges x 100 m (overhead weight)


Cash Out: 


3 Responses

  1. OK, dug into the bottom of the gas tank on this one and found that 4th of July/Mom’s birthday is not a good day prior activity. Excuses aside this thing put me in a choke hold and didn’t let up. KB/Run 2:11 2:08 2:08 then it got ugly Thruster/Row 2:45 (strap issue), 2:33, 2:45(no strap issue, just slow)

    1. Completely agree! Yesterday was definitely a good one.
      2:18 2:16 2:17 on the kb/run
      2:52 2:50 2:52 on the thrusters/row

      That rower about killed me, talk about sucking wind.